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    MAGNOLIA HOMES ON THE MARKET NOW: The story all over Seattle is inventory and lack of it, but although the numbers are lower than the typical inventory of Magnolia Real Estate, there are in fact Magnolia homes for sale right now.  Completely excluding Seattle townhomes in Magnolia from the mix, there are 22 Magnolia properties on the market in the NWMLS currently. These range in price form $498,000 for a 2 bedroom 1 bath Magnolia home on W Elmore Street to a $2,250,000 3 bedroom 3.5 bath home on Magnolia Boulevard. The median list price for these Magnolia homes for sale is $1,157,475 and the average days on market is 67 days.

    PENDING Magnolia Real Estate

    Magnolia homes for saleWhat is very impressive is how many Magnolia homes for sale are pending in escrow. There are 27 Magnolia homes sold and waiting to close (aka PENDING Magnolia properties for sale) in escrow currently. These range in price from $389,950 to $2,798,000 with a median list price of $869,000.  In addition, there is one Magnolia home which is marked PENDING Back UP (looking for other offers in case), another one Magnolia home pending feasibility (potential buyer has it under contract but doing a feasibility study to see if they will be able to make the changes they want to make to the property), three Magnolia homes for sale that are PENDING INSPECTION, and 2 Magnolia Short Sale homes waiting for lien holder approval.

    In the last thirty days, 13 Magnolia homes for sale in the NWMLS have closed in escrow.  These ranged in price from $565,000 to $1,100,000.

    Details of these Magnolia homes sold are here: 

    Magnolia market update

    Please let us know if you are looking for a Magnolia Realtors and need help buying or selling a Magnolia home or if you are just interested in more information about Seattle’s Magnolia neighborhood and all of its little areas.  We are happy to help.  Call/Text 206-850-8841  or email Magnolia@CooperJacobs.com

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