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Seattle’s Magnolia neighborhood is full of views and beautiful waterfront property

Magnolia Historic Homes

Magnolia Historic Homes

We love Magnolia and wanted to share this special Seattle neighborhood with you.

Seattle’s Magnolia neighborhood is often difficult to explain to outsiders or newcomers.  Most people just don’t “get it” until they spend time here.  It is truly incredible, though, and worth your time if you are looking for a uniquely livable in city Seattle neighborhood. Magnolia is both hip and historical, and while it is close to Downtown Seattle, it has the feeling of being well removed and it’s own “island”.

There are many communities within this historical Seattle neighborhood and each one has it’s own appeal.  You can find Magnolia homes in all price ranges and many styles. There really is something here for everyone and Magnolia is known for it’s insane views no matter which part of the neighborhood you are in.

There are many types of Magnolia homes. You can find Seattle historical mansions like The Admiral’s House  which our company represented on its last sale, Magnolia Townhomes, and Magnolia Condos for sale.  You can find homes on both the “B” Hill and the “A” Hill in Magnolia.  Also make sure to check out Magnolia communities like Land’s End Homes for great Seattle waterfront homes options! Or if you are interested in those Seattle historical homes, then definitely check out the newly renovated historical Fort Lawton Homes in Discovery Park.  Looking for something newer? Magnolia new construction homes can be found in the Briarcliff Community. There is lots to choose from in between…

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One Of The Magnolia Beaches

We look forward to showing you pour favorite corners of Magnolia, secret views, parks, and places.  Please let us know how we can help you love Magnolia, too.

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